Microblading Eyebrows & Semi-Permanent Eyebrows by Diane Madeley

Expert Microblading Eyebrows To Define Your Natural Beauty!

Look natural and feel your best all day every day in permanent tattoo make-up by professionally trained and qualified Diane MadeleyDiane likes to go that extra mile for the enhancement of her client’s features. Why just have eyebrows created or tattooed, when you could have stunning eyebrows?

The latest trend for the Stars is Microblading Ombre Brows

Diane is fully trained and qualified in microblading eyebrows and she originally trained with Nouveau Contour (as seen on 10 Years Younger TV program) for all permanent makeup treatments Microblading Eyebrows using microblade technology and permanent eyebrow tattoos. Diane has also trained in Permanent LipsPermanent Eyeliner and learned the art of LVL eyelashes.

Diane trained to a high standard, which enables her to give you results that can be as natural or as dramatic as you want and it is very important to Diane that you are completely happy with the shape and colour to be applied, before your micro pigmentation and tattoo treatment begins.

Matched perfectly to the natural colour of your brows, Diane’s semi-permanent tattooed eyebrows can Lengthen, Broaden, Balance and Perfect the look of Your Eyebrows. The results from placing individual hair strokes within and alongside the existing brow hair are natural, defined and give you beautiful eyebrows. A WOW brow one hair at a time!  This procedure gives your face depth, shape and can make you look younger!

For those with thin or ‘invisible’ brows due to excessive plucking, fair or gingery hair colour, Semi-Permanent Tattooed Eyebrows can create completely natural looking, beautifully shaped brows, which won’t smudge or wash off and keep their perfect look for years to come. Wake up every day with beautiful EyeBrows!    

See how amazing you could look morning, noon and night.  Free Initial Consultation on all treatments.