A Dermapen treatment is an advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to reduce wrinkles, smoker’s lines, large pores, heal acne, surgical and burn scars as well as rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

Dermapen can also be used for other conditions such as improving stretch marks, regulating skin pigmentation and treating sun damage.

The Dermapen treatment uses multiple needles to vertically pierce the skin to create numerous micro wounds (MICRONEEDLING) stimulating the body’s natural healing process, similar to the effect of a fractional laser treatment.


Dermapen Treatment requires 4 – 6 treatment sessions and normally each session costs £150

now on special offer at £125 per session

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Benefits of a Dermapen treatment

Reduces Wrinkles, Rejuvenates & Tightens the Skin

A Dermapen treatment can be used safely on all skin types including darker skin and any part of the body.  The Dermapen needles work in a vertical motion, which reduces discomfort and the patients’ healing time in comparison to a Dermal Roller procedure.

Dermapen is a low cost, effective and quick procedure that enhancing the overall look of the skin with minimum downtime.

Dermapen Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments are recommended for rejuvenation, acne scarring and stretch marks?

General guide 

  • Rejuvenation: 4-6 treatments, 4 weeks apart 
  • Acne scarring: 6 treatments, 6 weeks apart 
  • Stretch marks: 4-8 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart 
How much do the products cost?


Dermapen Treatment requires 4 – 6 treatment sessions and normally each session costs £150 – now on special offer at £125 per session.

SAVE EVEN MORE and book four treatment sessions for £425.

Should I prepare my skin before having a Dermapen treatment?

For best optimal results the skin needs to be prepared with effective active treatment creams, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Resveratrol and Procyanidin, for about two weeks, before a Dermapen treatment. This allows the skin strength to build especially in delicate skin areas, speeds up the healing time and reduces the chances of post peel complications. Please discuss pre and post procedure protocol with your consultant.

How long should it take before I see results?

Typically, you will see results after the first treatment.  Lasting and more significant results will occur after 4 to 6 treatments (spaced 4-6 weeks apart).  Your skin will continue to improve over the next 6-12 months after a course of treatments and when combined with the recommended post treatment care.

Is the Dermapen treatment painful?

Dermapen uses micro needles, which makes the procedure virtually painless. For minimum needle depths Dermapen Treatments are painless.  Treatments over 0.5mm deep, may require a topical anaesthetic cream to be applied for 15-40 minutes, before the procedure. This will render the treatments virtually pain free.

Are there any risks involved?

Dermapen skin needling is a safe procedure with very low risks. Infection and scarring are rare.

Are there any side effects?

You may develop regular Dermapen side effects such as mild swelling, bruising, and redness which would heal in two to three days. Scabs and crust might develop with more aggressive treatments and should resolved in one to two weeks. Rarely post-inflammatory hypo or hyperpigmentation occur.

Is there any downtime after treatments?

Generally no but you may experience facial redness for 12-48 hours after the treatment.  Most people are able to return to normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.  Application of a breathable camouflage will seal the skin and cover any redness for an immediate return to work.

Do I need time off work?

You do not need to take time off work after your Dermapen skin needling treatment. You can return to work immediately after your treatment. However, with more aggressive treatment you may required to stay home for a day or two.

Is hospitalisation required?

Hospitalisation is not required for Dermapen skin needling treatment.

Is there an age limit for this procedure?

There is no age limit for undergoing Dermapen skin needling treatment. Any healthy person above the age of 18 can undergo the procedure.

Are there any complications?

There are no major complications except for regular Dermapen side effects such as swelling, bruising, and redness.

Will I get skin irregularities?

Chances of skin irregularities after Dermapen skin needling are very low.

Will there be bruising or swelling?

Bruising and swelling are the most common as part of the procedure. They generally get resolved in a few days.

Are bandages applied?

No bandages are applied after a Dermapen treatment.

When can I do exercises?

You should avoid exercising for about 24 hours after your Dermapen treatment as sweat can cause a stinging sensation.

How soon after filler injections can I have a Dermapen Treatment?

It is recommended to wait at least 7 days after filler injections, so that any post treatment bruising from the fillers can settle.  It is also possible to have your Dermapen Treatment several days before having fillers injected.  Consult with your practitioner prior to determine exactly how long a wait is best in each particular case.

When can I go out in the sun again?

You should avoid direct exposure to the sun for about one or two weeks after your Dermapen treatment. It is recommended that you regularly use sunscreens.

Should I follow a special diet?

There is no need to follow a special diet after your Dermapen skin needling.

Are the results permanent?

No, the result is long lasting but is not permanent as the skin is continue to age, you would need periodic Dermapen treatments to maintain the effects.

Will there be scars?

Scarring is rare after a Dermapen treatment.

Can I drive home after the treatment?

Yes, you can drive home after your treatment unless you were given sedative during the procedure.

Will I have to return for post operative care?

Yes, you will have to return for a Dermapen review in one week in order for the doctor to monitor your progress.