Could ombré be the secret to perfect brows?  Before you start imagining two-toned eyebrows, let us clarify that this technique offers a very subtle gradient effect as opposed to the multi-tonal hair trend that once reigned supreme on all the red carpets.  Although the hair trend hasn’t made it into 2016, ombré is still being used on eyebrows.  In fact, most Hollywood A-listers opt for this method for how well it photographs due to its soft and natural looking results.  The process involves using two different shades, such as a light and a medium brown for microblading to create a subtle, multi-dimensional effect that adds instant depth to thin brows.  Soft and subtle yet bold at the same time, ombre brows are perfect for spring and summer, because they can look really full and lush but not overdone.

There has been a lot of buzz around ombré eyebrows lately but when top brow experts mention them and say they are “the number one technique being applied to A-list clients”, then one wonders what are they exactly?  Surely we would all notice a drastic gradient effect on the bulk of Hollywood’s brows?  Turns out the answer is no.

Ombré may make us think of the hair trend that is thankfully ending, but it is much more subtle on the brows.  The process is a blending of colour using brow tint.  Typically, to appear bolder, the brow is made to look darker at the arch.  Think of it as the lowlights you might have in your hair but for your brows instead.  The subtle colour transition adds depth to otherwise feeble looking brows.  It also looks MUCH more natural!

Costs £265

Are you too busy to spend time applying make-up every day?

Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for busy people who have little time to apply makeup

Are you too busy to spend time applying make-up every day?

Do you have over plucked brows with little or no hair?

Do you want waterproof smudge free make-up? 

Do you need correction of asymmetrical features? 

Are you allergic to conventional make-up? 

Is your eye sight failing? 

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? 

Do you struggle to apply eye make-up? 

Do you suffer from alopecia? 

Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for busy people who have little time to apply makeup, for the athlete who wants to look natural and those with oily skin, whose makeup seems to disappear after a short time.  Also, those allergic to conventional cosmetics or contact lens wearers may benefit from the application of permanent makeup.  

The Effect Your Eyebrows Can Have on Your Whole Look

Stars, like Jennifer Aniston, have woken us up to the effect your eyebrows can have on your face, your whole look … even your career! 
Harmonising with the colour of your own brows, treatment can extend, augment and improve the appearance of your eyebrows with fine mists of colour or by weaving microscopic simulated hair strokes among your natural ones using the latest technology and requested by clients across the globe. 
If you suffer with thin or missing brows due to excess plucking or pale hair colour, Microblading Ombre Brows will create a realistic and natural looking brow line. 
Ombre Brows and Microblading Techniques OR Permanent Eyebrows Can Enhance YOUR Natural Eyebrows! 
Diane Madeley professionally trained and qualified Ombre Brow Stylist and Permanent Makeup Artist.